“All is known in the sacredness of silence.” – Rumi

Hosting your own retreat

The magical venue is perfect for you to come and host your own retreat in the tranquility of the Klein Karoo, South Africa.

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Host or co-host with Terry, or incorporate some of Terry’s experiences in your retreat. Eight luxury rooms can accommodate up to 16 people, sharing. Amenities on the 5500 square meter property with lots of trees, an oasis of a garden and an abundance of birds include a yoga studio, huge deck with outside tables and chairs, 11-circuit rose quartz labyrinth, fire pit, saltwater swimming pool, outdoor infrared sauna and shower, esoteric library and kitchen garden. Kamala Karoo has a fully equipped kitchen and can provide healthy, nutritious, locally sourced vegetarian meals, or you can bring your own chef. Note: a minimum of 10 people needed to book the whole property.

Private retreats

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Corporate wellness

The health and wellbeing of your employees are of the utmost importance if you want your business to thrive.

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Pilgrimage to the heart

Find your heart song, be more present in your life and listen deeply to the inner stirrings of your intuition and creativity.

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A labyrinth is a sacred path, a path that leads you to the inner wisdom of your heart. This walking meditation helps you to get out of your head into the present moment where all your senses are alive.

During this weekend retreat we will explore and experience

  • walking to release the past year and what does not serve you anymore
  • walking with a question
  • walking to connect with your inner creativity
  • walking to connect with your heart’s desires
  • a cacao ceremony to open the heart
  • mandala art
  • walking different types of labyrinths, on the property and around Barrydale

Arrive from 12h on the Friday (starting at 16h), leave after lunch on the Sunday.

Moving into stillness

Silence. Stillness. Solitude. Sacred space. For it is in our emptiness that we are most whole. In our quietness that we can restore and renew.

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To hear the silent language of your soul it is necessary to retreat from the busyness of daily life, and listen to the quiet voice of your own heart. Take time off from your crazy busy life or time out to recuperate and heal. Pause, reflect, recharge. Slow down, relax. Go within.

During this 4 day, 3 night retreat we will explore and experience

  • slow nourishing yin yoga
  • yoga nidra (relaxation) to help heal the nervous system
  • pranayama (breathing) to let go of toxins
  • noble silence to go deeper within
  • walking the labyrinth after a cacao ceremony to open the heart
  • meditating while listening to the sound of the birds
  • sound healing bath with singing bowls, monochord and Terry’s magical voice
  • swimming in a mountain pool
  • journal to write or draw your insights
  • plenty of time to rest, reflect and integrate

Arrive from 11h on the first day, leave after 16h on the last day.


Let go. It is as simple as breathing. Exploring different types of breathwork to release, let go and empty yourself so that you can begin anew.

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Be here now

Experience being in the moment with yoga, breath, sound, meditation and nature. How to return to presence and be here now.

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Experience how simple sounds can deepen your meditations; listen to the magical soothing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls bringing the healing vibrations deep into your body; use your breath to come in the present moment.

During this 2 night retreat we will do

Arrive from 14h on the first day, leave after lunch on the last day.

Dream the divine feminine

A fun long weekend creating, singing, dancing, writing, painting, eating, swimming, praying, exploring our creative energy.

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During this 4 day, 3 night retreat we will explore and experience

  • daily yoga and meditation sessions
  • mandala art (on paper and in nature)
  • sweat your prayers dance
  • chanting/kirtan singing
  • writing a poem
  • sound healing bath
  • guided labyrinth walk with cacao ceremony

Arrive from 11h on the first day, leave after 15h on the last day.

Conversations with nature

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Become quiet. Drop into your heart. Listen. Let silence be your teacher.